I am excited to introduce you to the “Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme” (“ELP”), a unique, one-week intensive and transformative experience for the world’s top Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders.

The goal of the ELP is to equip successful Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders to leverage their resources for greater difference-making in their respective spheres of influence such as business, church, non-profits and society.

Are you successful in many areas of your life–and yet you have a yearning to expand your difference-making potential, to make your life count, and to build a spiritual legacy? If so, this programme is for you.

The ELP is targeted towards owners of for-profit businesses with a minimum of 10 years’ track record of success. It will be a dynamic and interactive environment, with learning from world-class instructors and from a global and diverse cohort of peers.

The ELP will integrate guest presenters from Oxford (including Wycliffe Hall) and from around the world. The ELP content is rooted in decades of experience, extensive research and many years of practical application.

The Entrepreneurial Leaders Institute is offering the ELP in collaboration with Wycliffe Hall, a Permanent Private Hall of the University of Oxford. The Entrepreneurial Leaders Institute is part of Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization (ELO), which has an unmatched track record of excellence in executive education events.

In addition to world class instruction, the ambiance of Oxford will be inspiring for ELP participants. The 850-year old university city with its fabled spires and medieval colleges, along with various other attractions, is unmatched in the world.

The bottom line: there is no equivalent to this high level Christian leadership education at Oxford to be provided through the ELP. We invite you to join an outstanding group of global difference-makers.

Rick Goossen Director
Entrepreneurial Leaders Institute


ELO began in 2005 when Dr. Richard J. Goossen organized a simple coffee and dessert evening for 150 Christian business leaders in Vancouver, Canada. This initial gathering revealed that there was a strong interest among Christian business leaders to be affirmed in their marketplace calling, to connect with other like-minded individuals and to be equipped by top practitioners.

ELO has evolved to an organization with global scope, impacting over 50,000 people annually through conferences and online resources. ELO has held over 30 executive education level events successfully in Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Shanghai and Hong Kong. ELO has had over 7,500 attendees since 2005.

ELO has attracted the top thought leaders and practitioners from throughout the world. Practitioners have included the following: John C. Maxwell, the world’s top leadership expert with 26 million books sold; Mark Burnett, Hollywood’s #1 TV producer; Lord Robert Edmiston, a UK billionaire and head of I.M. Group; Mart Green, Chairman, Hobby Lobby Group, Oklahoma, a billionaire family; Stephen K. Green, former Chair and CEO of HSBC; and Edward Ong, Property Developer, Singapore. Thought leaders have included individuals from Oxford, Cambridge, McGill, Yale and Baylor.

The ELO conferences connect, equip and inspire Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders. Attendees have been enthusiastic about the events and have regularly asked–can you offer more? We now are.

See also www.entrepreneurialleaders.com


Oxford is a vibrant and stunning city, with a total population of 150,000, including over 30,000 students. There is a wealth of cultural, recreational, and sports facilities within a busy and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Although Oxford is a bustling city, it is an architectural delight, placed in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside and surrounded by ancient meadowland. Oxford boasts beautiful waterways, the oldest botanic garden in the country, the University Parks, Port Meadow, and innumerable college gardens and quads, so that you are never far from tranquility and escape.

Oxford has an enduring history of Christian witness, and the Christian faith continues to thrive here. From John Wesley to C.S. Lewis, many influential Christians have walked these cobblestoned paths. There are flourishing churches of different sizes, liturgies, and traditions that are passionate about making the good news of Jesus known.

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, founded near the turn of the twelfth century. Today, the university consists of 38 independent colleges and 6 permanent private halls. The collegiate system is at the heart of the university’s success.

Wycliffe Hall is a Permanent Private Hall of the University of Oxford. The Permanent Private Halls can retain their Christian character. Wycliffe Hall has a unique calling to be advocates of the historical Christian faith and to equip the Christian leaders of the future. Wycliffe Hall, which is collaborating with ELO, has a track record of doing so with other organizations. For example, Wycliffe Hall has a long-standing partnership with the US Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) bringing North American students to engage in study at Oxford.

Wycliffe Logo
Oxford Logo
Photo of crest on outside of building


The ELI is very strategically situated at Oxford. This is the only place in the world where we can combine the credibility of one of the world’s top educational institutions and teach from a Christian worldview perspective. You can’t do this at Harvard, Columbia or McGill. Why?

Oxford’s system is unique with 38 colleges and 6 Permanent Private Halls (“PPHs”). The PPHs that are part of the University of Oxford can retain their Christian character. For example, Wycliffe Hall became a PPH in 1996 within the University of Oxford in recognition of its established reputation as a centre of high-quality education. As a result, Wycliffe is an integral part of the University and students may do Oxford University courses, from Certificate to Doctorate. Importantly, however, Wycliffe retains its independence, being governed by an independent Council whose members must sign the Hall’s Trust Deed. This deed safeguards the Hall’s evangelical commitment to biblical theology and Christian mission.

interior of chapel

This combination – being an integral part of the University yet also independent – gives Wycliffe Hall its distinctive status. As stated on their website, “We are a community that is committed to the historical Christian faith, while also being a constituent part of one of the world’s leading universities. This unique combination gives us a unique calling, to be advocates of the Christian faith within contemporary University-level debates and to equip the Christian leaders of the future by engaging students in rigorous theological study at the highest possible academic level.”

This is a fundamentally different dynamic than North American universities, many of which started with religious and typically Christian roots, but which long since been discarded. In short, Wycliffe with its unique position could not exist in North America or other parts of the world.

The result is that the Entrepreneurial Leaders Program can provide world-class instruction from a Christian perspective within the bosom of one of the world’s great universities.

ELO is pleased to collaborate with Wycliffe as it believes Wycliffe is in a position of strategic importance to the greater Christian community worldwide.



The Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme (ELP) is a world class entrepreneurial leadership development programme structured around a personal strategic plan for difference-making. We want each participant to be inspired and energized for greater difference-making. We believe that difference making is enhanced through a combination of entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Entrepreneurship is about doing something new, unique and different–with a practical application. Leadership is about influence. When these two factors are combined, there is potential for exponential impact. The ELP is rooted in extensive research, best practices and practical application,

Program Foundations:

  1. Careful Selection – all participants are carefully selected as Christian owners / leaders of businesses, with an average of at least 10 years’ experience.
  2. Personal Strategic Plan – each participant will leave with a highly personal strategic plan based on their specific difference-making objectives
  3. Peer Leadership and Interaction – Leaders learn with others which provides opportunity for ongoing encouragement and input in a confidential, continuous and intentional environment of peer learning
  4. World Class Instructors – our world-class faculty are trainers and practitioners who bring a unique mix of expert knowledge and real life experience

Programme Modules:

  1. The Essence of Entrepreneurial Thinking
  2. The Foundations of Leadership
  3. Exponential Impact of Entrepreneurial Leadership
  4. Finding / Revisiting Your Calling / Personal Application
  5. Worldview & Cultural Context
  6. Key leadership challenges
  7. Making A Difference in Work
  8. Making A Difference in Church
  9. Making A Difference in Denominations & Parachurch
  10. Making A Difference in Society


Your time in the ELP will be inspiring, challenging and stimulating. You will be re-energised and re-committed to make a difference. The outcome will be a personal strategic plan for difference making – and having a reference point for comparison from your peers.

The Key Benefits:

  1. Transformational experience for difference-making
  2. Surrounded by a peer cohort
  3. The inspiring atmosphere of Oxford
  4. Personal Strategic Plan
  5. Ongoing Community


The bulk of the materials will be accessed online. Other materials will be provided upon arrival.


Your time at the ELI is the start of a connection with a community of difference-makers. On completion of the ELP you will become a “Member” of the Entrepreneurial Leaders Institute. Membership will provide access to ongoing resources and interaction with other members.


You will be among peers from all over the world. The ELP is for entrepreneurs, founders, “owners” or “senior leaders” in for-profit organizations. For every program its quality is determined to a great extent by the people in the group. ELO organizes the world’s leading conferences for Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders. Attendees come from throughout North America and from around the world.


Dr. Richard J. Goossen is Director of the Entrepreneurial Leaders Institute and the Course Coordinator (see www.entrepreneurialleaders.com for a profile). He will manage the involvement of various guest instructors from Oxford and beyond throughout the week.

The emphasis will be on guest instructors who are experienced business leaders who provide practical applications. There will also be some professors and Oxford academics who can help with informing our worldview and theological perspective. ELO has an outstanding track record in attracting top speakers from throughout the world. ELO has a number of tentative commitments and the final list of faculty will be presented closer to the date.


Each attendee will receive a “Certificate of Attendance” from the Entrepreneurial Leaders Institute and Wycliffe Hall.


The ELP course fee includes the following:

  • Bed & Breakfast accommodation
  • A welcome dinner and a closing dinner
  • Lunch each day

Participants are on their own for dinner from Monday – Thursday. We will, however, have some optional activities for the evenings during the week.

All participants will be housed in the same location.

Spousal Add On

Participants may wish to have their spouse accompany them. Oxford is a great environment for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Here is what is included:

  • Upgrade from single to twin accommodation
  • Bed & Breakfast accommodation
  • A welcome dinner and a closing dinner

Tour Add On

Some participants may want to enjoy some of the surrounding areas as part of a group excursion. We are offering an optional excursion from the morning of Sat, August 18th to Mon, August 20th, including an extension of bed & breakfast accommodation.



  • Enrolment in this course is by application in order to ensure that participants meet the targeted criteria: owner / partner / founder of a for-profit business.
  • Preferred applicants would have more experience rather than less
  • Care will be given to the composition of the group (geographical location, industry).

There are no prerequisites in terms of prior education.


For further information or an Application
for Admission please contact:

Dr. Richard J. Goossen, Director
Entrepreneurial Leaders Institute
Wycliffe Hall, Oxford
E: rick@entrepreneurialleaders.com